The protest in Hong Kong has been going on for months now as activists and protestors continue to protest in different parts of the country. This protest is an example of the Umbrella Movement that happened in Hong Kong in 2014, which started during the democracy protest. Thousands of protestors and activists took the streets of Hong Kong to retaliate against the government, and this year the Hong Kong citizens are doing the same thing but the protest is more violent.

The extradition bill

Earlier this year some of the government officials in the country were discussing a possible bill that would allow China to seize anyone who is a Hong Kong national.

Those who are traveling to the country will be sent to mainland China and charges will be pressed against them, they believe that it would tighten the safety for the country.

This extradition bill had sparked outrage and raised a lot of concerns across the country among its citizens. The people are worried about their safety, and entrepreneurs started to think about how the bill will impact businesses.

On June 4th thousands of school students and staff members from the schools, signed a petition against this extradition law. Two days later thousands of lawyers in the country initiated a protest march. On June 9th activists organizations stated that around 1 million protested against this bill in a march around the government headquarters.

Hong Kong protesters take over the airport

Thousands of protestors and activists have decided to conduct a peaceful protest in Hong Kong's international airport for three days starting Saturday. Ongoing protest across the country remains in a violent state as police officers continue to use tear gases on the protestors.

Since there is an ongoing political crisis in the country, there was a citywide strike that shut down flights and trains, causing travel chaos for the domestic and international flights arriving and departing to and from the international Hong Kong airport.

The protestors that are in the airport protesting are handing out flyers both in English and Chinese which are the main language in the country, The leaflet mentions the reason behind the ongoing protest happening in the country to the arriving tourist.

China bans several Cathay Pacific staffs involved in the protest

According to a statement released by China's Civil Aviation Administration last Thursday, China is issuing a travel ban to some of the Cathay Pacific staffs who were actively supporting or have participated in the ongoing protest in Hong Kong.

according to the CNN report.

There are new rules that will be implemented from Saturday that would require all of the valid ID of the crew members that are flying Cathay Pacific, to and from mainland China. They will have to wait for the authorities approval before conducting the flight.

Rupert Hogg, the CEO of Cathay Pacific, stated that he is willing to cooperate with the Chinese ban. He also reinstates that any of the crew or staff members that actively participate in the protest will not be allowed to work on flights and or any related activities that involve mainland China.

The United States is among the countries to issue a travel warning

The United States has issued a travel warning in their country about going to Hong Kong, because of the circumstances that are going on in the country at the moment, they are stressing the importance to the travelers to take caution and always remain safe during this tough period.

Countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and many more countries also issued a travel warning to their citizens to avoid visiting the country for the meantime.

Despite all the tension going on in the country, a Hong Kong government spokesman mentioned in a statement that the protests going on in the country are just happening in some parts of the country and are not widespread.