Rajnikant Gaikwad is the numero uno of Tamil cinema. He is a superstar in his own right and nobody can hold a candle to him. Rajnikanth for the last few years has announced his intention to enter politics but he has avoided actively plunging into it. Now he has decided to enter politics and had announced his intention to fight the 2020 assembly polls in Tamil Nadu.

By all accounts, he is not in favor of joining the DMK or the AIDMK. These are the two major parties in Tamil Nadu.

Kamla Hasan who had made an entry into Tamil politics has come a cropper and achieved nothing.

To avoid a similar fate happening to him he has planned to fight and win the election in 2020 by aligning with the BJP. News 18 has reported that Rajnikanth compared the Modi -Shah leaders to Krishna and Arjuna from the Mahabharta.

Krishna and Arjuna

Recently at a book launch of a book written by vice president Venkaiah Naidu, Rajnikanth came out in support of article 370 and its abrogation. He further added that Modi and Shah the home minister were like Krishna and Arjuna. Both these are revered characters from the Mahabharta and hold an important place in Hindu mythology. However, he did not specify who was Krishna and who was Arjuna. This is a high phrase for the two leaders who are effective decision-makers in the BJP.

The Business Standard has reported that he made these comments at the launch of a book chronicling the two years of Vice President Venkiah Naidu.

Rajnikant has had a chequered career in Tamil films. He is also greatly respected all over the country and his films are a commercial success not only in Tamil Nadu but all over India.

Rajnikant has nurtured political ambitions for many years but somehow he did not strike out with full force like Jayalalitha and MGR before him. There is a possibility that now he will enter the arena and given his immense popularity there is a good chance that he will win at the hustings.

Superstar's entry into politics

Rajnikant has no political base of his own and there is no political organisation along with him.

For this reason that he will take the help of the BJP and the RSS. Rajnikant is a devout Hindu and last year had gone on a pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath in the Himalayas.

The super star's entry into the politics of Tamil Nadu will not be to the liking of the two main political parties the DMK and the AIDMK. Both the parties lack charismatic leaders and Rajnikanth will have a free run.

Rajnikant is greatly loved by the masses. Each of his films has stormed the box office and have created records galore. He had announced that he will enter politics but at the last moment chickened out. This time he appears to be serious and will be contesting the 2020 election. In case he does, the two political parties dominating Tamil Nadu, the DMK and AIDMK will be hearing the bells toll for them.

Kamala Hasan

Rajini has the example of kamla Hasan before him. Kamal Hassan is also a big star on the Tamil screen but his party could not win even one seat in the recent election to parliament. Kamal Hassan did the mistake by trying to please the minority community and attacking Hindus. In particular, his comment about Nathuram Godse being the first terrorist of independent India did not go down well with the masses and he paid for his mistake.

Last word

Rajnikant is a shrewd leader and knows which side the bread is buttered and endeared him to many when he compared the duo of Modi- Shaw as Krishna and Arjuna. Krishna and Arjuna fought in unison in the Mahabharata and won the battle for the Pandavas Rajnikant will be hoping that he can win a similar victory in the 2020 election.