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Pakistan is a terrible place -- youth beaten to death for blasphemy

Mashal Khan a student at Wali Khan university in Peshawar was lynched to death by a crowd on a charge of having insulted Islam
Pakistan is a terrible place. It's worth recording that since 1990, 65 persons have been lynched to death by vigilantes who feel that Isalm is insulted. Things were not bad earlier but the blasphemy law brought in by General Zia Ul Haq has vitiated the atmosphere. A student of the Wali Khan university in Peshawar was accused of blasphemy and beaten to death with planks until his skull caved in and he died. Sadly, this took place on the university campus. The Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif was seized by this incident and in a press release said, "The nation should stand united to condemn this crime and to promote tolerance and rule of law in a society," Unfortunately for the student Mashal Khan and similar people like him, these are only words and nothing has happened in Pakistan to reassure people that the rule of law will prevail. This can be gauged from the fact that no cleric was ready to do the last rites of the murdered student. In fact, two clerics were ranting against the...