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Bill Gates: millions of people could die less than one year

A pandemic is one of the major threats that the human race confront and, if we are not prepared for it, 30 million people could die, says Bill Gates.
Bill Gates froze the hall at a conference in Munich on Saturday. This weekend, the German city hosts the 53rd Security Conference that brings together elite political, diplomatic and military worldwide. Over 500 experts have met to analyze mainly transatlantic relations and the new US administration's intentions. Until recently, the bio-terrorist threats have been less considered, because the production of "deadly weapons" requires experts and huge laboratories, easily traced. In the past five years, the advances in cell biology and miniaturization of equipment are an increasingly plausible script of a bioterrorist attack that would destabilize whole areas. Million people will die Microsoft co-founder said at the Munich Security Conference that we are threatened by an apocalyptic pandemic, similar to the flu epidemic of 1918, when about 50 million people died. Such a crisis could erupt in the next 10-15 years, the billionaire warned. He also talked about the threat of bioterrorism,...
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