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India upgrading Hasimara air base in view of Chinese threat

In view of India - China face off at Dhokla and overall threat, India is developing the Hasimara base to house Rafale fighter jets.
China and India have locked horns on the tri-junction at Dhokla between Tibet, the Indian state of Sikkim and Bhutan. The Indian and Chinese troops are facing each other as India has claimed that the construction of a road by China at Dhokla is illegal. The Chinese claim Dhokla by an 1890 treaty between British India and Tibet. Bhutan claims Dhokla is part of its territory. This confrontation is going on, and the importance of two air bases at Baghdogra and Hasimara in the region closest to Dhokla cannot be underestimated. India is now upgrading the Hasimara base which will be one of two air bases to house a squadron of Rafale fighter jets in 2019. The Rafale is a Mach 2 supersonic air superiority fighter. It is superior to any Chinese air force plane.The aircraft is directly purchased by the IAF from France. India is to buy over a 100 of these fighters in a direct one-time purchase, reported The Times of India. Hasimara and the Rafale fighter The air force base at Hasimara is located...