Donald Trump switches focus to tax reforms after healthcare failure
After the Republicans fail to agree on the replacement for Obamacare, Trump’s focus swiftly moves onto tax reforms
Matthew Clifton
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Woman found stranded in the Grand Canyon days after Google Maps led her astray

A 24-year-old student survived five days without food, water or phone reception before she finally reached 911.
The young woman is Amber VanHecke. She was sightseeing when her vehicle ran out of petrol, forcing her to rely on practically nothing to survive the heat. Amber used the large rocks she found nearby to create a huge "HELP" sign, which was missed by the planes that flew by from surrounding areas. Amber had arrived there following her Google Maps direction that lead her to what turned out to be a non-existent road. Amber vlogged her 119 hours astray Amber created a video blog to document herself during the time she was stranded. Her attempts to make passing planes stop did not seem to be working, and there were no vehicles passing. With limited food and drinks available, the young woman was quickly finding herself exhausted and sick from the lack of nutrition. At one point in her wait, she thought she had heard a truck passing by and decided to run after the truck, but it didn't see her, and her feet were swollen from not wearing her shoes. Panicked and overwhelmed after that, Amber...
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