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World responds to Mexico City earthquake

The world is standing by Mexico during this trying time, even Donald Trump
A deadly earthquake has been raging through various states of Mexico, the worst of which is the country's capital, Mexico City. Over 200 people have been killed in the ensuing chaos from the earthquake, including 22 children who have been found dead in a primary school that collapsed in the quake. Mexican President Neito has spoken out in response to the earthquake, saying that the country will stand "united" in the face of this adversity. Now, the rest of the world are voicing their support. Everyone from the Vatican to Donald Trump has responded Pope Francis has made a statement in Rome, speaking to a crowd of pilgrims, telling them that he was praying for the victims of the earthquake in Mexico City, including those wounded by it, the rescue workers desperately working to save them, and the families of those involved. Mexico is a heavily Catholic country, and the Pope said, "In this moment of pain, I want to express my closeness and prayers to all the beloved Mexican people." US...