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Breaking the taboo on pregnancy loss

After losing her daughter, one mum speaks out to help others going through the same thing.
Michelle Cottle aka @DearOrla sadly lost her daughter at 37 weeks, she turned to others going through the same thing for comfort. She now runs her own successful blog raising awareness and fundraising for charities while helping others going through the same thing. Her beautifully honest and raw account of pregnancy loss, and parenting after a loss has touched many on social media. Michelle kindly agreed to be interviewed in hope to break the taboo further by opening up a conversation about pregnancy loss. Sharing In one of your early posts, it said that the thing that saved you was others sharing stories with you. Is this why you chose to start a blog? To help others and to start opening the doors of conversation around pregnancy loss? Something as a society we do not tend to publicly talk about. "It was absolutely the thing that got me through those horrendous first few days after Orla died, just reading and re-reading every story I could find. They helped me to know that I wasn’t...