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Young people advised to make sure they have had MMR vaccine before summer travel to Europe

With the summer holiday season on its way, Public Health England is encouraging people to check their vaccination status before going away.
Public Health England has this week issued an announcement advising all young people to check that they are fully up to date with immunisation against measles, mumps, and rubella before going to Europe on holiday this summer. Outbreaks of measles have been occurring in several countries in Europe, including England itself. Since the spread of measles is more likely in areas of dense population - such as music festivals, hostels, holiday resorts, and on public transport - PHE is urging that people check their vaccination status before travelling. The spread of the disease can be very quick due to the highly infectious nature of measles. A government leaflet states that “a cough or a sneeze can spread the measles virus over a wide area.” Symptoms include fever and a rash with recovery in around a week. Unfortunately, in some cases, however, there can be severe complications including swelling of the brain or death to which certain populations - very young children, children with...