Jaquie Beckwith, more known as "Chronically Jaquie" through her YouTube channel, once again reached a milestone with her trial and error experiments with medical cannabis. Jaquie is an advocate for chronic disabilities. She herself suffers from eight chronic illnesses due to a rare mitochondrial disease. Some of her illnesses include Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Gastroparesis. On top of that, she also has other illnesses.

Fun choices and socks

In her Vlog entry published on 6th March entitled “Medical Cannabis FINALLY Helped My Pain," Jaquie covered her fun choice of going to Disneyland and her current milestone in the experiment on medical cannabis.

The first half of the video, in summary, is of Jaquie making a fun choice for once. Though she wasn’t able to buy a dinosaur shirt she wanted, she ended the first half on a positive note by buying socks for her sock collection.

The second half is the focus of the Vlog title. Though we see parts of Harlow having fun in the yard, the talk is of a serious one as it focuses on Jaquie and her recent milestone with medical cannabis for her pain.

This is not the first time she took medical cannabis. The first one was for her diseases which proved successful. Medical cannabis played a huge part in getting her off of two feeding tubes and being able to eat again. However, the first part of the trial and error on medical cannabis for her pain did not show substantial results until now.

Second try proves effective

On her way home, Jaquie was exhausted and in pain. The oil she used was named TruClear Syringe, Indica with Granddaddy purple strain. She’s tried this particular product before and it was not effective, which she hypothesizes was an effect of EDS due to her body metabolizing medicine quicker. Though she is unsure as to why her body is responding, this one proved effective.

She noted how it took two hours to take effect and how substantial the results are. Jaquie describes her body as not being tense and with most of the pain going away if not all. On top of that, the usual tiredness or fatigue which would’ve kept her in bed all day was not present. This enabled her to make the other half of the Vlog where she talks about this particular milestone.

Disclaimer and advocacy for medical cannabis

Jaquie gives a disclaimer on how people react differently to medical cannabis and briefly discusses the availability of it in Florida, where she resides. Once again, she tells people as to why she’s been discussing this on her videos, to help advocate the availability of these products in different places all over the globe or in her words, “wherever y'all are”.

She promises a more detailed overview of medical cannabis on her YouTube channel "Chronically Jaquie."