"Today, we will fly!", these were the exciting words uttered by the NCT 127 member Johnny Suh when he greeted the viewers of Johnny's Communication Center or JCC. On its 12th episode that was released August 16, it featured Mark Lee, the lead rapper of the group, as a special guest. Clad in matching outfits, the duo set out to do some fun and challenging aerial yoga, all while being guided by a highly capable trainer.

What is aerial yoga?

Technically, aerial yoga is just like traditional yoga⁠ mixed with Pilates and acrobatics —with an added bonus that you'd be using super strength hammocks to suspend yourself up in the air and beat the laws of physics.

Sometimes, it's even called antigravity yoga. Sounds a bit scary, doesn't it?

However, it shouldn't be! It's supposed to help you relax and de-stress. And for busy stars such as Johnny and Mark who spend most of their time performing, flying yoga could be a great way to heal and condition the body, as Daily Mail reports that "the hammock helps take the weight off the spine and joints".

And depending on how you do it, and sometimes even depending on who you're with, it could be a fun activity to engage in. And the brotherly duo showed us just that.

Johnny and Mark try the poses

We've seen them do intricate choreographies from time to time. We've seen them do the nerve-wracking low split in their "Cherry Bomb" song or the human tower in "Black on Black" that required some strength and endurance.

We've seen them do so many complex dances, and in all of it, they were graceful.

But in this episode of JCC, we saw them try positions and poses that are completely new. Needless to say, they were impressive. They were even applauded by their trainer for being so naturally graceful and flexible despite it being their first time.

However, they had some worries. At first, they were nervously joking that the hammocks might rip apart if they sat on them, but the trainer reassured them that the hammocks could carry up to a thousand kilograms. A few laughs were then shared before Johnny and Mark went ahead to try the different poses.

They tried more or less 10 flying yoga poses that all looked fun and enticing - the monkey pose, the vampire pose, the peter pan pose, the flying pegasus pose, and many others.

But probably one of the highlights of the episode was when Mark Lee, who has always been compared by fans to the fictional superhero Spiderman, became very excited when he did what the trainer called the 'Spiderman pose'. "Oh yeah! Spiderman! I'm Spiderman!", he exclaimed while being suspended upside-down. His fans loved this!

Another moment worth noting was when the trainer made them do the cocoon pose where their bodies were enveloped by the hammock in mid-air. The trainer jokingly said it's their favourite pose, and true enough, Johnny and Mark relaxed and laid peacefully inside, with Johnny even asking the trainer to rock their cocoons, similar to how babies are put to sleep in their cradle.

Because the hammocks in aerial yoga aren't just for suspension in the air, the k-pop stars also got to try poses that allowed them to just stay on the ground. Instructed by the trainer, they used the hammocks to aid them better in their stretching, allowing for perfect T-shapes with their bodies.

The possibilities are truly endless when doing aerial yoga.

Connecting with the fans

After finishing their yoga session feeling fulfilled and with smiles on their faces, Mark commented on how he could feel the blood circulating in his body. He then proceeded to tell fans that he highly recommends this sport - a type of "relaxation and meditation", as Johnny calls it.

Johnny's Communication Center has always been a platform for Johnny Suh and his members to communicate and connect more with the fans aside from their music.

They freely share memorable parts of their lives away from the stage for the people that care and support them through thick and thin, their "nctzens".

"It doesn't always have to be about the talking, it's about the bonding", Johnny emphasised.

In JCC, the idols and the fans feel more like good friends.