A study conducted by East Anglia University in the UK states that; citrus fruits such as orange contain flavonoid substances, particularly hesperidin, which has the capacity to reduce the risk of heart attack up to a 19%. The same substances have the capacity to reduce bad cholesterol; they also prevent cardiovascular health issues, therefore, regulate blood pressure.

Due to its high portions of vitamin C; it is really accurate when preventing and addressing cold, respiratory conditions, and regulating intestinal transit, thus improving the removal of toxins from the human organism.

Why drink orange juice daily?

When we include Orange Juice Daily in the diet, we favor our entire body and allow it to take advantage of all its properties to enjoy good health. Here are some other reasons for you to start consuming it as a daily and healthy habit.

Drinking a glass of it fasting promotes bowel movement, and combats constipation, allowing you to enjoy better digestion.

Drinking a glass of juice daily favors the elimination of toxins and wastes that the body does not need. Thanks to this, the body is purified, reducing the risk of suffering certain diseases.

People who include a glass of it a day in their diet are less likely to suffer from obesity problems. A study revealed that those who include it every day in their diet tend to be more active when it comes to exercise or any type of physical activity.

The contents of vitamin C, flavonoids, and essential oils, are orange properties that favor the skin, hence, preventing premature aging. The orange is antioxidant and moisturizing, and thanks to this, helps people look young with a radiant skin.

Oranges contribute to the acceleration of the metabolism and when consumed daily, it will help in the process of eliminating fats that are accumulated.

Drinking it daily helps prevent liver, kidney, cardiovascular, digestive diseases, among others. A glass of it daily favors people with diabetes since it contains little sugar and being diuretic, helps regulate blood sugar levels. Orange juice has 60 types of flavonoids and 170 phytochemicals. For this reason, its consumption is recommended, since it will favor people with respiratory allergies.

It is a treatment to reduce inflammation and among other things, it also helps to prevent the risk of suffering from osteoporosis.

How to consume orange juice?

It is full of many properties that we can take advantage of by including it daily in the diet. It is clear that all its benefits will be effective and complete as long as your juice is consumed naturally without mixing other types of substances. This natural juice has many Benefits and that is why it is recommended to consume it daily, preferably freshly squeezed, so that it does not lose any of its antioxidant properties.

To keep the oranges fresh it is recommended to keep them at room temperature and avoid putting them in the fridge.