It is well documented that a good workout can do wonders for our health, both mentally and physically, but there can be a risk of oxidative stress when undertaking an aerobics class or embarking on an intense exercise plan too quickly. Muscles can release toxins known as free radicals which can cause the muscles to become inflamed and contribute towards many health conditions including diabetes or heart disease.

Personal Trainer Nicola Addison says

Personal trainer to the stars Nicola Addison whose clients have included model Erin O' Connor, urges Brits not to be deterred from undertaking a summer fitness regime or regularly keeping in shape.

“From May to August I regularly see many customers who want a quick body fix to tone up ahead of their vacation. There can be risks with extreme exercise, but they are easy to prevent."

It can be as easy as increasing your daily intake of Vitamin C. This can be sourced from everyday food and drinks, including orange juice, fruit and vegetables - all will assist in maintaining a healthy immune system during and after extreme exercise.

The wonders of orange juice

“You don't need an expensive glucose drink, just a small 150ml glass of pure Orange Juice will do the trick by keeping you hydrated and providing you with a much-needed antioxidant to protect your body from free radicals", reveals Nicola.

An appetising glass of OJ can provide us ladies with up to 4% of our daily 2000 calorie allowance and 3.2% for our male counterparts. The are many other health advantages to drinking orange juice, it is a fantastic source of fibre which is vital for our bowels, and because of an orange's high folate count, it can also improve blood circulation.

It is good for reducing blood pressure as it has an abundance of potassium. Cholesterol can have a huge impact on our overall health - although it is still unknown why a once a day glass of OJ keeps cholesterol levels at bay. Also, we all love to have nice skin and orange juice is packed full of antioxidants that can leave us with radiant skin and no wrinkles.

In a recent analysis of six years worth of research from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS), it was revealed that people who drink orange juice have a superior health profile than those who omit it from their diet. It also revealed that these people have a smaller waist and a lower BMI. That's our fridge filled with orange juice for the foreseeable future.