It has been atrocious, to say the least as the coronavirus is now taking over New York. Despite residents of the City taking extra precautions in avoiding the coronavirus, the number seems to increase each passing day.

United States Tops Coronavirus Cases

A few weeks ago, the United States wasn’t even on the top 10 list of countries that are affected by the coronavirus. Today, it has recorded a total of 112,560 cases with 8,434 new cases and a death total of 1,878. Amidst the safety protocol that is initiated by the rest of the world, some Americans neglect those warnings and it is evident right now.

We have seen multiple interviews about teenagers not minding the virus due to their party plans for spring break.

New York State of Emergency

Currently, New York City is the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States with a total of 52,318 cases. By the numbers reported, there’s an increase of 4.4% each day and killing people in New York every 17 minutes. With that said, this could eclipse what is happening in Italy right now. It is fully documented that Italy recorded their highest death rate in one day with 854 due to COVID-19. The virus didn’t just target civilians but the medical personnel included. It is now announced that 100+ of their medical team succumbed to the deadly virus. During the briefing, Mayor de Blasio warned New Yorkers about the current status of the city.

De Blasio also stated that the city is now treating 1,175 patients in ICU. However, he also added that after a week, if the trend continues, the city might not be able to sustain or get hold of everybody. Their biggest fear is that they don’t have enough medical staff and hospitals to help those who are affected by the virus.

The Mayor was so eloquent with his statement thus having the nod from the President, Donald Trump.

The Mayor's Appeal

De Blasio kept reiterating in his press conference that the onslaught of coronavirus has just begun and everybody should be prepared for it. He wants to inject to his fellow New Yorker that this battle won’t be easy.

There will be casualties but he also believes that this battle will end soon. It’s getting rough each day and expects it to get tougher as days go by. Military assistance has been called upon to ensure peace and order in the City. The Mayor cited that this will continue for in the coming months but it will eventually end.

Prominent names such as athletes and celebrities are urging people to stay at home to lessen contact with another person. According to studies, the coronavirus tends to transfer from one host to another and can multiply at an astronomical rate. As for now, a lot of scientists from different countries are trying to invent an antivirus vaccine to stop or mitigate this disease.

Antivirus Vaccine Still Being Developed

However, creating such a vaccine is easier said than done. A myriad of health specialists stated that it takes full 10 to 12 months to develop a working vaccine. With the current situation that the world is in right now, it is a race against the virus. The health experts might be correct but a lot of people believe that an antivirus might be on its way. There are a total of 29,908 deaths already and it is steadily increasing. For now, they are encouraging everybody to stay home, avoid going to crowded places and do self-monitoring in case they are experiencing the symptoms.

There were a total of 84 deaths in the Big Apple last Thursday and Friday but officials say that this is just the beginning. Queens New York leads the way with 8,550 confirmed cases, followed by Brooklyn with 7,101, The Bronx with 4,890, Manhattan with 4,633 and Staten Island with 1,540 recorded cases.