Recently people were doing stupid things while blindfolded in the “Bird Box Challenge.” Now, another viral challenge is causing injuries to teenagers and children. The “Salt and Ice Challenge” apparently isn’t a new thing, as Mix95.7 found videos on YouTube as far back as 2012, saying why the challenge had initially “gone wrong.”

However, according to a video by WFLA, the “Salt and Ice Challenge” has reared its ugly head yet again. What the challenge involves is placing salt onto exposed skin and then adding ice.

People doing the challenge then have to keep both on their skin for as long as they can “tolerate the pain.”

‘Tolerating pain’ is not exactly a good thing

The idea of someone tolerating pain for as long as they can is just profoundly stupid. Taking part in the “Salt and Ice Challenge” can very quickly lead to frostbite, due to the salt reportedly lowering the temperature of the frozen water.

In the past week alone, two girls in Iowa, USA received second- and third-degree burns to their arms and will now likely require skin grafts to repair the damage. Think about that for a moment before even considering taking part in the challenge – frostbite is a serious condition indeed, and needing skin grafts is a scary result.

This is what happened to Brianna Edwards when she took part in the dangerous challenge in 2013:

Discovery UK posted a video on YouTube warning about the challenge in 2012. You can watch their video here.

Basically, the salt and ice are attracted to each other and draw energy from the challenger’s skin, leading to frostbite burns and heading to the emergency room.

Here comes the ‘Salt and Ice Challenge’ again

Fast forward to 2019 and it is happening all over again. KXLY tells the story of the two Iowa kids who were recently injured in the challenge. The mother wants to let other parents know the dangers of the challenge, doing the rounds on the Internet yet again.

Her 12-year-old daughter spent the night with her friend over the weekend and they apparently found the “Salt and Ice Challenge" on YouTube.

They decided to try it out to see who could stand the pain the longest. Both girls received second- and third-degree burns (see tweet above) and had to be taken to Iowan University’s Burn Prevention Treatment Centre. Dr. Tom Granchi, the director of the centre, said it wasn’t the first time he had seen injuries like this on people who had tried out the challenge. Now the families have to wait to find out if their children need skin grafts.

It seems to be an Iowa trend as a male teenager in Iowa also burned himself in the challenge and warned others not to do the same.

The message here is to warn teenagers and children not to even think about participating in the challenge.

Having a viral video on YouTube is not worth the pain and injuries. Watch three men trying out the challenge on a boring weekend. The one participating at the time said it felt like someone sliced him open.