Before we begin with this everlasting debate on what constitutes as the “right” kind of counseling for mislead, needing minds, we need to be clear on what the difference between clinical and biblical counseling is.


Biblical counseling, in the simplest of ways, is defined as using the “word of God” to counsel and guide souls onto the right path, which is often the path that the Holy Scripture describes. In that sense, it is observed as being astute, as it teaches that any guidance by clinical counselors, who are viewed as atheists, is soulless and misguided.


Clinical counseling, however, is based on purely psychological needs, and is a careful, secular study of the human mind and emotions based on the findings of the likes of Freud and Di Bono. That is not to say that counselors cannot be Christian, but most of them do not always view the Bible as the ultimate law.

Psychologist Nihal Mehrotra says, “These two aspects of counseling have always been locked in a perpetual battle. On one hand, it is not the opinion of clinical psychology to refute the existence of God. It only objects to the use of God as sole provider of knowledge and wisdom. That is not to say that you become an atheist, but that you weigh logic against beliefs that have no definite proof of being effective.”

Integrating the Christian worldview and clinical psychology has always been a distressing question.


These two polar opposites have always warred with each other when it comes to the constitution of good and bad, sin and savior. While the word of the Bible may serve as a spiritual anchor for people, as the stories and guidelines of religion always do, it is irrefutable that some aspects of the astute Christian thought process are archaic and downright miserable for some people.

The Christian worldview, for instance, views homosexuality as the work of the devil. In spite of that, the Bible proclaims mankind to be a unique creation of God and made in his image. How, the, can the Christian community ostracize homosexuals as sinners?

“There are many loopholes in what Christian counseling believes. Homosexuality is one such question. The Bible clearly states in multiple places that God made everyone equal, that he loves everyone, which I’m pretty sure includes homosexuals.


Yet, the Church and the Christian society in general condemn homosexuality. They term it as unnatural and as a work of Satan. I don’t think that a Christian counselor would be able to understand the feelings of a gay or lesbian person, because he or she would be clouded with bias.” Says Dr. Mehrotra.

Another aspect would be of the very popular tradition of “Purity Balls”, practiced widely in America and many other countries. It has always been a subject of horror for professional psychologists, who find the idea of dressing up pre teen girls in wedding gowns and having them pledge themselves to the Lord, with their fathers as their “boyfriends” until marriage downright disturbing. The tradition of “Purity Balls” very effectively destroys the integrity and independence that a woman deserves and should enjoy.

“Purity Ball is a tradition usually practiced in Texas and other southern states of US. The tradition is fairly simple. Whenever a girl reaches her teens or pre teens, she is married off to her father. She is made to pledge her loyalty to God and is not allowed to engage in alcohol, drugs or sexual relationships until she is given away to her husband. Clinical psychology condemns this vehemently. A woman should be allowed to live her own life, and not forced into something just to keep her ‘pure’ and untainted. A woman is as untainted as she wants to be. She is as much a creature of God as is a man, so we don’t think that people have the right to forbid her from doing anything.”

Living under a rock and pretending that God would automatically rid the world of evils is nobody’s redemption. The astute views of Christianity need to conform themselves with the modern ones. That is not to say that clinical, “heartless” psychology wins the war, but by not viewing homosexuals as minions of the devil, and honoring the integrity of a woman by understanding that her life is hers to do as she pleases, the Christian worldview would be adopting a more acceptable way while still guiding people onto the right path to the Lord. After all, God sacrificed his only son to save everyone on Earth.