Whatever you may think of them, Anonymous have proven themselves time and time again a force to be reckoned with. The group known as 'AnonGhost' launched their first co-ordinated round of cyber-attacks against Israel in April, taking down approximately 500 Israeli websites. The latest round of organised attacks largely took place on the 11th and 17th of July, this time disabling over a thousand Israeli websites including government departmental websites, the Tel Aviv Police department homepage and the MSN Israel homepage, replacing them with warnings from Anonymous against Israeli brutality in Gaza.

Some label the campaign - #OpFreeGaza as a typical example of wreckless 'cyber hacktivist' behaviour, compromising the security of Israeli citizens. Online pro-Israel groups have retaliated through exposing some of the Anonymous hackers and letting a warning on their own computer screens :"Next time don't take part in OpIsrael. We know who you are. We know where you are. Long live Israel!" However, this has not phased Anonymous or prevented them from hacking into any more Israeli websites.

Others view the Anonymous collective as modern day heroes, protecting citizens against oppression. For it's not just Israel that can expect Anonymous cyber-attacks but all nations across the world. Recently the Kenyan military's Twitter page was hacked and accused of corruption on it's own account!

It certainly seems to be the case that in this day and age, technology has increased the power of governments to monitor and oppress it's citizens, on an Orwellian level. And we need an anonymous collective that have the skills to reign this power in. They are always watching, never forgiving and never forgetting. It is relieving to feel that as a last resort against injustice in this world, we can expect Anonymous.