Air Asia 8501 has been confirmed to have crashed into the Java sea just 40 minutes after takeoff. And as of this writing 6 bodies and debris have been recovered by the authorities, from the passenger and crew list of 162 victims.

And all focus is concentrated on searching the area for the victims and fuselage, believed to be in 20-30 m of water depth, as the search teams have claimed to have seen an outline of a plane underwater in the general area where the plane had lost radar contact and where the debris and bodies were retrieved.

And until the wreckage and the black box is found and recovered and data analysed,it will be some time before the world knows what may have downed Air Asia 8501

What is alarming to many is the fact that this is the 3rd aviation tragedy within a space of 8 months and incredibly all 3 have ties to Malaysia.

The still missing MH 370, and the plane that was shot down over Ukraine MH 17 were both the national carriers of Malaysia, MAS (Malaysian Airlines System) whereas Air Asia is technically a Malaysian carrier company , founded by the charismatic Malaysian Tony Fernandez (although this downed plane is with the Indonesian subsidiary of the Air Asia group of which the main Malaysian main company holds 49%, with the rest all held by Indonesian investors with a separate president running the company)

Conspiracy theorist will have a field day constructing all manner of plausible and impractical theories to connect the dots, particularly the Malaysian connection of all 3 disasters.

One underlying concern in the back of many frequent air traveller's minds must surely be, “Is flying still safe?” and “What will be the odds of it happening to me?” Particularly if one were to be a frequent flyer to Asia, since all 3 disasters involved Asian based carriers in a space of 8 months.

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Putting into perspective

In another perspective, the 3 aviation disasters involving Malaysian based carriers, it can be pointed out that each of them have differing circumstances.

In highly perplexing and mysterious case of flight MH 370, data evidence seems to be suggesting that either someone on board or remotely and deliberately diverted the flight to an area in the middle of nowhere except for very deep and remote part of the Indian ocean. And ultimately, it is where the plane was ostensibly lost till present day without a trace.

And MH 17 was not an accidental plane crash in the conventional sense; it was shot down, in a different geographical location than where MH 370 was lost . Flying over Ukraine , albeit under very intriguing and suggestively sinister circumstances or motives as to who is really responsible.

In Air Asia 8501 has been found after 3 days of searching .And within the last known position of it being reported missing. Which can justify the reasonable time frame, from where /when it disappeared till bodies and debris were spotted and retrieved.

Based on the cockpit to tower communications, it seems likely they encountered bad weather , requested a route or flight path and altitude change but tragedy struck before they were given the green light to do so ..

Lending more credibility to the fact that this may really be an aviation accident and no foul play. It may be months before investigators can pieced together of what really caused this tragedy.

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