Pregnancy has to be one of the most profound experiences that a woman goes through. It can be enjoyable, tough, or both.

During this time of carrying new life, staying healthy is vital. Where an expecting mother has to consume the right vitamins, get enough exercise and abstain from certain foods. There isn't just one life to consider, there are two.

Indeed, this period can be overwhelming and there are so many guidelines to follow that it can be a little confusing at times. Now there is even more for pregnant women to consider.

Figures recently released, revealed that pregnant women were exceeding the government’s drinking guideline. Where they are putting their health and their newborn’s health at risk. 

Sky News obtained the figures using the Freedom of Information request. The numbers are alarming. The government advises pregnant women against drinking more than 2 large glasses of wine/4 units a week.

Worryingly, 2,496 babies were born to mothers who admitted to hospital staff that they drank more than 4 units a week whilst pregnant. Officials believe that the real figure of women who drink alcohol is likely to be higher.  

This is a serious issue. When pregnant mothers drink too much the health risks are grave. The babies born to these mothers are potentially exposed to the condition of foetal alcohol syndrome. Foetal alcohol syndrome is a traumatic condition that can leave children physically and mentally disabled during the whole duration of their lives.

No woman wants to be policed when going through a life changing experience such as giving birth to new life. However if expectant mothers knew the full danger of what could happen to their babies if they consume too much alcohol whilst pregnant, most would want to make sure their babies are healthy and well. Even if that means abstaining from alcohol for 9 months.

So, it is clear that the solution to this problem rests with the government educating women about the devastating consequences drinking can bring when pregnant.