It's the age of technology and as rightly said what god cannot, a doctor can and the doctors in Sweden proved this on 3rd October 2014. A medical marvel took place when a Sweden lady successfully delivered a baby boy from her transferred womb. She has given a sign of hope to millions of women around the globe waiting to be a mother.

The mother of the boy is a 36 year old Sweden lady who was unfortunately born without a uterus which is a prerequisite for natural conception. A 60 year old friend of the lady is said to have donated her womb which has resulted into a world of happiness to the new mother.

The identity of the couple has been kept confidential, but information claims that the mother has working ovaries. In order to execute this medical marvel, the couple went through IVF producing 11 embryos which were then frozen and used for the womb transfer by the doctors at University of Gothenburg. It was only after a year after the successful transplant that the doctors implanted the frozen embryos into the mother and the rest is history.

Being delivered at 32 weeks into pregnancy, the new born is a premature baby and it had to be born prematurely as the mother developed a complication which resulted in an abnormal heart rate of the baby. The baby weighed around 3.9 pounds when born and it is said to be the normal weight at the stage of pregnancy he was born at.

While womb transplants have been tried 2 times before globally, it is only now that it became a reality. Earlier occasions resulted into a diseased organ and miscarriage and thus failed.

Doctors around the globe have welcomed this miracle and are positive for many such successes in future. Till date the only options womb-less women who wanted to be a mother were surrogacy which has many legal complications and other was adoption. A team of British doctors is already said to be planning the next womb transplant in the coming year proving that the miracle is here to stay.

Heartiest congratulations to the couple.