Although implausible to many, Charles could be king soon. With the Queen making it clear that she will serve her country “whether it be long or short” it almost seemed as though Prince Charles would never take over and be king, but now insiders are claiming that the Queen has had a change of mind.

Prince Charles made history by becoming the only monarch to reach the age of 65 without claiming the throne. Beyond a doubt, Charles has always been keen to be King and as the longest serving Prince of Wales ever, this is understandable. When asked about becoming king, he said “Impatient? Me? What a thing to suggest! Yes of course I am. I’ll run out of time soon. I shall have snuffed it if I’m not careful.”

Now, it seems as though Charles’s luck may be changing for the better. It was reported by several newspapers, that the Queen who is 88 has said that when she gets to 87 she will hand over the throne so that Prince Charles can take over.  Also, when the Queen said “for Prince Philip and me there can be no greater pleasure or comfort than to know that into [Charles'] care are safely entrusted the guiding principles of public service and duty to others.” This was viewed as the Queen’s confirmation of her hand over of power. 

While the Queen, for the past 50 years, has been traditional in her approach in insuring that her views are heard only in private, it is clear that she may be moving towards change. Admittedly, Charles will never be as popular as Princess Diana but his reign may be viewed as a welcomed alternative to the norm. He has championed many different causes such as the cultivation of organic food through his brand Duchy Originals, which years ago was viewed as unpopular but is now regarded as a healthy and normal way to grow food. The prince’s charities that works with the police, government agencies, churches and mosques has put Charles in good stead. Furthermore, The Prince’s Trust has been making positive changes in society for the past 35 years. So he may not make a bad king afterall.