Meriam Yehya Ibrahim has been sentenced to death for abandoning Islam and marrying a Christian man. Ms Ibrahim who was brought up as an Orthodox Christian by her mother, was considered to be a Muslim instead due to her father who was a Muslim. 

She refused to renounce her Christian faith and has been sentenced to hang for apostasy. She has also been sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery as the marriage was not legal under Islamic law which has been in force since 1980. 

David Cameron, along with Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have condemned this sentence.

The Prime Minister said that the sentence "had no place in today's world" and that the UK government would "continue to press the government of Sudan to act." David Cameron also stated that, "religious freedom is an absolute, fundamental human right."  

There was also concern for the immediate care of Ms Ibrahim's children and that the Sudanese government should "provide immediate support and medical care for her and her children."  

Amnesty international  has launched a petition calling on the Sudanese government to immediately release Ms Ibrahim. 

Daniel Wani the husband of Ms Ibrahim, who is also a US citizen, has said he was an appeal against the sentence would be successful.

Is it right for European/Western governments to get involved? Should we criticize the culture of other nations? In the US critics of the Obama administration have urged the president to act on this issue, should he?