While every American plans a mini vacation on Thanksgiving, people from West Virginia to Vermont were in a cruel shock to have found themselves in into a storm. The storm resulted in complete disruption of electricity in the said areas which lead the population living in the areas celebrate a thanksgiving full of darkness.

It was an unexpected start to a lovely Thursday morning when the people living in areas stretching from West Virginia to Vermont experienced a huge snow fall which made sure all flight to and from the said areas were either cancelled or diverted.

The estimated snowfall was around 10 inches in a few parts of New Jersey while West Virginia had a more powerful snowfall of around 18 inches. The storm which brought insane levels of snowfall also resulted into freezing ice cold temperatures, all at the advent of Thanksgiving celebrations. This winter storm has not only disrupted traffic and flights but also largely affected the holiday sales figures for major brands.

While the East coast has experienced heavy rainfall and snow, reports say that the storm is about to travel its way to the north passing through Virginia and to the east passing through Pennsylvania. On Wednesday the weather greeted the thanksgiving enthusiast with heavy rainfall and as Thursday approached, the temperature reached a lower level thus resulting into a heavy snowfall.

Thanksgiving is one of the years busiest day and being hit by a massive storm on the very day is unfortunate and devastating. While it is D.C's first snowfall which marks the start of year's winter, the timing couldn't have been worst with a storm just before a day of Thanksgiving. While everyone is busy going somewhere or the other to execute their Thanksgiving plans, this time the weather has clearly created a mess.

To make the matters worse, the ribbon roadway that stretched from New England to Florida was not covered with the usual briny material which helps snow to slide off because of the rains which washes the material away.