It would seem Italy has finally had enough of the ongoing unstable situation in Libya, and has decided to send a task force off to the Libyan coast, in a series of what some media outlets are saying are naval exercises to scare Islamic State fighters in Derna and Sirte.

One Libyan leader has speculated that the Islamic State fighters have evacuated above Libyan coastal towns to flee to the mountain of Ra's-Al-Hilal, which gives them greater protection from possible airstrikes. Certainly NATO will be aware of the Italian operation, which could possibly lead to actual Italian Military action but such talk is just speculation right now.

Italy has been receiving refugees from Africa and the Middle East, which has caused trouble in Italy with the Northern League demonstrating about the amount of foreign refugees pouring into the Italian mainland and other parts of Europe, and it has been suggested that Islamic State may use fighters to go ashore in Europe pretending to be refugees to cause trouble in Europe.

It is a good idea to guess though that Islamic State have withdrawn temporarily or forever, on hearing of the approach of Italian naval forces. There is speculation that Italian special forces could be aboard the ships with possible reinforcements being picked up as they approach the north African shore line.

Italian Foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni has stated Italy will do its part (whatever that means) when the United Nations gives the backing Italy needs.

With Egypt getting involved in taking out Islamic State targets in Libya, in response to the execution of Egyptian Christians and also the Libyan government confronting the militants, and not forgetting the Iraqi government trying to take back the town of Tikrit in Iraq from Islamic State backed by the west and Iran, it seems Italy has decided to throw its lot in with such military action.

Italy, as a member of NATO, is in prime position to take action against the Islamic State in Libya, and in the past Italy was the colonial master of Libya so it is only right that if any nation was to deal with Islamic State in Libya it should be Italy.