I've been doing the online dating thing for the last decade on and off but more off than on because of the lack of suitable matches I have not had the good fortune to meet. 
My main reason for seeking a partner online was because of lack of time and a social life. I had come to a point in my life where my friends had got married, had kids and moved on. A modern day phenomenon many singletons in their late thirties find themselves in. 
I thought I would go online, create a fun, honest and down to earth profile and love would come a knocking! Wrong! 
Fundamentally men and women are different and I have come to that sobering realisation. It seems the majority of men AND some brave modern women were just looking for a quick hook up. This was my biggest problem with the online dating scenario. I was greeted inappropriately with lewd comments, harassing questions or just downright rude suggestions. My gallery of photos had an array of men's appendages that at one point you would have thought I was a men's sexual health consultant who was really "into" their job. 

People seem to think it perfectly ok to assault your senses with various photos of their body parts immediately after, prior to or within a few encounters of saying hello on a dating site.

This as we all know can only end one way. I wasn't looking for a quick hook up so I usually just excused myself from that conversation by blocking these unwanted suitors. 

In my decade of on and off online dating I did have some amazing dates and developed some interesting friendships most of which died a natural death once these men realised that I was never going to put out and was seeing other people. Never one to say No if the moment was right I did have the odd hook up here and there when the chemistry was right and yes there was some amazing chemistry with some guys but eventually they answered to the call of nature and moved on to spread their seed.

We have all heard the urban myth that happened to a friend's friend or some distant relative or acquaintance about how that couple met online and are now happily coupled or married and I think that's what keeps people like me coming back to online dating.

The optimist in me is positive that through all the nonsense and mistakes there will ultimately be someone for me out there and I have just got to be patient, persistent, persevering but most importantly picky and know what my boundaries are. I have got to have a rough idea of what I want and what I don't want in my partner.

Facebook is full of all this truisms about how if you love yourself enough and respect yourself the right person will come along and all that work you've done on yourself will only serve you in your new relationship in a positive and balanced way. I truly believe that and also that good things come to those who proactively wait and the universe has a way of meeting our needs at the right time.

Online dating is fun but definitely not for the easily dissuaded, desperate or imbalanced which unfortunately it seems to attract in large numbers.

Like most things you have got to be in it to form an opinion and judge whether it's right for you.

I have not found my match but I have not given up hope yet so every now and then I still log on to see who has been looking at my profile and if I have any messages and you know just once in a while someone takes my fancy and I make a brave move and send them a message. It is an art form though, knowing who is cuckoo or who you might just become cuckoo about with the right encouragement.

For all the serious online daters out there, may cupid's arrow find it's way to your perfect match. Adios for now, amigos.