When Mr. Narendra Modi won the Indian elections with a thumping majority, the world knew he is going to bring the change India was waiting for. On 29th September the Indian PM again created a wave of headlines with his thought provoking and inspiring speech at the New York's Madison Square Garden, which witnessed a humongous presence of about 18000 Indian American and a few others.

The Indian American crowd present at the event was seen chanting his name constantly while the Indian PM continued to woo the audience with his encouraging words and his style shined on the globe with saffron jacket.

The paparazzi were all ready to showcase live the Indian PM Narendra Modi's first visit to USA post he stepped in as the Indian PM. He highlighted India's potential by mentioning the fact that over 65% of the Indian population consists of youth, i.e. people under the age of 35 years and thus the nation has immense potential still lying unexplored. He also pointed out to a fact that USA might well be the oldest democracy in the world but India is the biggest democracy in the world, again pointing towards power that India commands in the global happenings, in the near future.

The world still has a myth that India is a land of witch craft, snakes and snake charmers, and Modi broke this myth by mentioning that an average Indian is devalued and now plays with a mouse, and very well makes the world go round with his mouse.

This very style of painting India's strong presence on the global platform is what is making every Indian American and Indian fall in love with his patriotism and vision over and over again.

The Indian PM with the knowledge that the west is infatuated with the Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy also did not miss this opportunity to mention that like Mahatma Gandhi's struggle for freedom infused a sense of involvement in every Indian, he too wishes to infuse a similar emotion within every Indian, this time for development and making development a mass movement and not just a political party's agenda.

Also one of the most important highlight of the event was announcement of life time Visas for PIO, and also that the PIO and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) schemes will be now integrated and combined to wave off unnecessary delays and hassles for Indian Americans.

While Bollywood dancers prepped up the event before his speech, a new Bollywood style craze has now emerged for Mr.

Modi. It is probably for the first time in the history of Indian politics that the youth is going gaga over its PM and social networking sites are full of very well deserved shares and tags respecting and sharing his vision.