5 travel warnings prior to your holiday in Spain and Turkey this year

The latest travel warnings for Spain and Turkey [Image credit - CCO / Pixabay]
The latest travel warnings for Spain and Turkey [Image credit - CCO / Pixabay]

The UK Foreign Office has released its latest travel warnings for more than 225 destinations worldwide.

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Spain and Turkey: Travel warnings for British holidaymakers

The UK Foreign Office has recently released a list of vital Travel warnings for more than 225 travel destinations. While some warnings are minor, others are a little more serious. Some relate to vaccination advice, others to terror risks. It is always a good idea to think “better safe than sorry” and check out the latest warning prior to your family holidays. A link to the official FOC list of countries is included in the tweet below.

For anyone planning overseas holidays this year, the following are the latest warnings and holiday advice. Most are common sense and nothing to panic about! As pointed out by the Daily Post, around 19 million visits were made to Spain by Brits last year and the majority of those trips were trouble free. However, the following are some of the warnings for Spain and Turkey.


Demonstrations in Barcelona and Catalan region in Spain

Pro-Catalan independence demonstrations can occur “with little or no warning.” While they are intended to be peaceful, things sometimes escalate to become confrontational. These demonstrations could affect transport services, with disruption and delays.


Balcony falls in Spain

Warnings have been issued about balcony falls following a number of incidents in the Balearic Islands. The public is warned about the overuse of alcohol and drugs when going out onto a balcony, after people have died or been seriously injured.

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