Women in Saudi Arabia will now be entitled to apply for a passport and Travel voluntarily without having to obtain permission from a guardian.

Over the years, Saudi Arabia women across the country have been active and vocal about having more rights.

In the year 2001, the women in Saudi Arabia were granted national Identification Cards.

King Abdullah chose its first female minister in 2009, Noura Al Fayez became the Deputy Education Minister for Women’s Affairs.

Sarah Attar was the first Saudi women to compete in the Olympics in 2012, and she was the first women to make history by being the first Saudi lady to compete in an international event.

Women were allowed to vote and run for office in 2015, the Saudi municipal elections that took place on that year allowed women to vote and run for office.

Sarah Al Suhaimi was the first women in Saudi Arabia to make history by being the first chairwoman of Saudi’s stock exchange in 2017.

In June 2018, a law was passed in the country that allowed women to drive and obtain a driving license, this was a big change for the women in the country because it finally allowed them to drive alone without any consent from their male guidance.

Those are some of the major progressions that have happened to Saudi Arabia women so far and now they have a new law that has recently been approved which allows them to travel and obtain their own passport.

Freedom to obtain a passport and travel

Throughout the years the women in Saudi Arabia have been making history and this year, women in the country are now allowed to obtain their own passports and travel around the world without the permission from the male guardian.

This new law was approved on Thursday by the Saudi Cabinet, Saudi women will now have the right to apply for their own personal passports, and women who are above the ages of 21 can travel independently, according to a statement from the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Information, the CNN reported.

Women needed to ask consent from a guardian

Prior to this news, the women in the country had to ask for consent from their male guardian in order to apply for a passport.

The Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman has been making changes in the laws of the country to show that he is an avid supporter of women's rights and to make Saudi Arabia more modernised.

Reema Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, mentioned in her tweet that the lifted travel and passport ban is a start for the “unequivocal commitment to gender equality”. According to the CNN report.

The progression of women's rights has seen improvements over the years and changes are only starting to shape up the country, the law changes that are happening in the country will only help the country grow and improve their stance on gender equality.