5 ways the Saharan Bubble heatwave is currently hitting Europe

The Saharan Bubble heatwave is taking its toll on Europe this weekend. [Image - CCO / Pixabay]
The Saharan Bubble heatwave is taking its toll on Europe this weekend. [Image - CCO / Pixabay]

While the weather map in France makes it look like Europe is screaming other areas of the continent are also being hit by the Saharan Bubble heatwave.

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Europe and the continuing Saharan Bubble heatwave

A major heatwave started heading across Western Europe on Wednesday. Dubbed the “Saharan Bubble,” the hot air is moving from the Sahara and causing record-beating high temperatures in countries like Germany, France and Poland. It is also causing 40 degree plus temperatures in Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the Czech Republic, with some recording their highest temperature ever.

Children and the elderly are likely to be hit the hardest during the heatwave and people are being warned to take care and drink plenty of water.


Heatwave map makes Europe look like it is screaming

Ruben Hallali, a French meteorologist, noted that the weather map looked scarily like the 1893 painting by Edvard Munch “The Scream.” He posted an image to Twitter showing the painting and the weather map of Europe. In an interview with Liberation, Hallali also noted that temperatures are high, even at 1,500 meters above sea level.


France experienced highest temps ever on Friday

According to the Sun, Friday was the hottest ever day in France, with the Saharan bubble causing a temperature of 45.8 degrees Celsius. The weather map turned red after the temperature overtook the previous 2003 record of 44.1 degrees Celsius.

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