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Little sun activity due to the next solar minimum

Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) has observed a sun that is sun spotless during the last two weeks
NASA´s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has captured images of the sun which have shown no solar activity on its Surface. This marks the longest period that our star has shown little or no sunspots on its surface since the last solar minimum which occurred in April 2010. This is clear sign that the star is approaching the next solar minimum, which is thought to take place in between 2019 and 2020. Our star goes through a cycle of minimum and maximum solar activity that occurs every 11 years. Solar cycle This is a period of sun´s magnetic activity that varies in intensity and that is estimated to complete a cycle of 11 years, during which the number of sunspots on our star may vary in quantity. The overall activity on the sun suffers some variations, including the sun´s radiation, sun´s explosions, sunspots, and flares. The sun´s minimum and maximum refers to the number of sunspots during the cycle. The number of sunspots is calculated by first counting the quantity of sunspot...
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