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Out of Africa: One million years long migration history

New findings prompt to rethink common theory of evolution of modern humans
We all are Africans. Or, more precisely, we all are descendants of some undocumented immigrants from Africa. Or, to make this statement scientifically and perhaps politically correct we all humans descended from Homo species originated in sub-Saharan Africa. Until recently it was generally accepted that all 7.6 billion humans currently living on Earth descended from a single group of early modern people, aka Cro-Magnons who left Africa around 60 thousand years ago in one large wave and then gradually settled the whole planet. But now tracing back our ancestry may become a bit more complicated. According to the article recently published in Science, an international group of scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany and the University of Hawaii in Manoa came to the conclusion that the ancient Homo Sapiens left Africa in several waves and gradually mixed with other, earlier hominids. The authors, Christopher J. Bae, Katerina Douka and Michael D....