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AlphaGo Zero: self-taught AI plays better than humans

The newly released AI program by DeepMind is Go top player and it learnt to play alone.
On October the 18th, DeepMind, a Google-owned company, released its new artificial intelligence program: AlphaGo Zero. The team who worked on AlphaGo Zero published a paper in Nature yesterday, explaining why this new model represents such a huge step-forward for AI research. AlphaGo: the first version Last year, DeepMind came out with its first version of AlphaGo. The team’s aim was to create an AI program that would play the game of Go better than any human being ever could. The first AlphaGo was already a success: in a series of games, it repeatedly defeated Mr Lee Sedol, the former world’s best player of Go. The event represented a milestone in the history of AI, as it was previously thought that no machine could ever beat a professional player at this game. The rules of Go are rather simple: two players have to place so-called black or white “stones” on an empty intersection point of a 19x19 board. The objective for each player is to surround the stones of the adversary...