A little girl with a vision

Sara was very young when she discovered her power. The power which has helped so many people in the future. But not everyone thought that was a good idea to share. Her mother took her to the doctor to see if everything is ok with Sara. She was telling future predictions to her schoolmates and people around here, predictions which came true. The doctor who spoke with her told her and discovered that everything was fine with her but that she has to keep a secret and not to tell anybody about her power.

Helping the scientists

A scientist is probably a last person on the Earth to believe in these things such as in a psychic. But when they face Sara s talent and power they became speechless. In the TV movie "Glimpse of the future", you can see Sara looking at a scalp of a dead person and giving information about that person which she couldn't know about it if she wouldn't have a gift that she has. Sara Memic is not only able to have future visions but also visions from the past. She even helped archaeologists when they wanted to give up on archaeological finds When they explored certain place Sara told them to deepen the terrain because they will find more archaeological findings if they do so and she was right about it!

They found additional archaeological finds at the place they searched deeper.

Saving people's lives

It can be very dangerous when doctors can not find the reason of someone's pain and discomfort. Sometimes it can have a deadly result for a person struggling with unexplained pain. Sara saved many lives with her correct predictions about people's health and she advised them to go to the doctor, even when they didn't have a clue they have some kind of health issue.

She even sometimes does a sketch of a picture of someone's health problem on a paper, when people ask her for their health. Sara would like to help doctors with diagnosis in the future, that is her wish, to be able to help people with her preventive predictions.

Love bits of advice that are worth listening to

Sara Memic helped people to save their marriage by advising them how to change things in their life that brought them to this point.

She is aware that we can change our future with our actions that are why she points at things we would never know about. To hear that the person you love doesn't feel the same for you is one of the most hurtful feelings but it saves us from the long-term pain and directs us to the right path where we can meet the right partner for us.#SaraMemic #psychic