Astronomers were able to locate a star-source X, that is believed to have formed part of a system of three stars that were situated in a region known as the Kleinmann-Low Nebula in the core of the Orion Nebula. It´s believed that the system was composed of three stars, battling gravitationally until the system broke apart, ejecting the three stars in different directions. The recent observations by Hubble in the infrared wavelength of the spectrum revealed that a lonesome star once belonged to this system.

Run-away star

In recent decades, a duo of stars was discovered travelling at high velocities in opposite directions.

Their origin was unknown. Scientists determined that the stars formed part of a system of stars 540 years ago; this is when the system accumulated sufficient energy that expelled them away into space. To astronomers their combined energy did not correlated with their calculations, suggesting there must have to be another body of matter (star), source X that associates to the missing energy not found in the duo of stars.

Source X

Astronomers discovered the third star known as source X while searching for planets in the Orion Nebula. During their search, scientists compared the infrared images taken during recent years to those taken in 1998. The new analyses revealed that the star had changed its position in the Orion Nebula significantly, in relation to other proximate stars.

This suggested a displacement in space of 0ver 100,000 miles every hour.

Hubble discovery of the third star

With the help of Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers were able to trace back the origin of the third star. They found that this star formed part of a trio of stars that resided in a region called the Keinmann-Low Nebula in the center of the Orion Nebula, 1,300 light years away from the earth.

Astronomers think that the system of stars was expelled out from the system. It´s believed that the three stars are only a few hundred years’ old, young enough to have leftover matter disks.

The Orion Nebula

It´s been estimated that the three escaping stars are moving away from their original location at a speed of approximately 30 times the speed of all the rest of matter composing the Orion Nebula.

It´s believed that there could be more stars in the nebula that are now in the process of fleeing away into space. Astronomers hope to enhance their observations about this trio of stars in the near future with the help of James Webb Space Telescope.