It seems everyone is getting into the DNA scene these days, finding out their heritage and things they didn’t know about themselves. However, sometimes DNA tests can uncover things families didn’t need to know, including the proverbial “skeleton in the closet.”

As reported by Indy100, often the information uncovered can tear families apart, and in this case, while at first it was a shock, things did work out for the best.

Man shares his DNA near disaster on Reddit

Snorkels721 posted the story under the TIFU sub-Reddit five days ago. He explained that AncestryDNA had offered a sale price on their DNA kits.

He decided it was a great idea to buy six of the kits for the family as Christmas presents. On Christmas Eve they all got together to exchange gifts and he handed over the DNA kits to his mother, father, brother and two sisters.

The problem occurred when his mother opened her gift and “started freaking out.” She apparently told the family not to take the DNA tests due to “unsafe chemicals.” When the rest of the family explained to her there were no chemicals involved, they could see she was still upset. Later in the day, she tried to convince the family that only one child needed to take the test, as they would all have the same results.

She said they could then resell the DNA kits to save money.

A little later in the day, the man’s parents were fighting upstairs, while they sat downstairs, trying to figure out which of them had a different father.

Man makes Reddit update to explain what happened

Later in the day, Snorkels721 updated his post, thanking everyone for all the support and love they had given him.

He said he, his brother and sisters had not yet decided whether to take the DNA test, adding they all still love each other and their parents, no matter what the outcome is.

Second Reddit update gave the good news

A second update to the Reddit post said Christmas had not been ruined and his “FU” had become a Christmas miracle.

He explained that his sister’s father had passed away shortly after her birth. A male friend had supported her through her loss and they ended up falling in love. They then got married and created the rest of his family.

His parents had never told them, as it was apparently too hard for his mother. However, at Christmas, she was finally strong enough to tell them the truth and shared photos with them. Now all the kids are reportedly excited about getting their DNA test results.