Scientists doing research on black holes performed a study involving the theory of quantum loop gravity (LQG) and their results revealed that at the core of a black hole there could be a portal to another dimension instead of a singularity. According to the study, everything that was swallowed by a black hole does not turn into a singularity. Instead, the matter is compacted to a very small size and then it is exploded to form a Portal to another universe.

What general relativity cannot explain

Based on the theory of general relativity, the universe started after a big explosion known as the Big Bang.

This theory explains what occurred seconds after the Big Bang, but it does not explain the events that happened before the singularity. Although it´s believed that there is a similar singularity at the center of every black hole, the theory fails to explain it clearly. Moreover; general relativity cannot explain the problem of the information paradox, stating many physical states of the matter swallowed by a black hole permanently vanished with it.

The LQG experiment

In this model, scientists applied LOG to a simple black hole model, revealing that matter that was absorbed into a black hole didn't become a singularity, but it was entirely compressed into a very tiny piece of matter. This compressed universe then was ejected into our universe or a different universe.

This model explained some things that couldn't be explained by general relativity, such as the information loss paradox, leading scientists to believe that black holes could be portals to other dimensions.

Loop quantum gravity

This theory tries to explain the universe and gravity from a quantum perspective. The principal representation of the theory is a depiction of the universe where empty space is granular or quantized.

Space is viewed as a fine fabric or structure of finite loops, which are called spin networks. In this view, not only matter but also space possess an atomic structure. LOG states that the universe can be studied beyond the theory of the Big Bang, as this birth theory of the universe seems to be continued by a never ending bouncing theory of the universe.