Scientists have discovered a new type of moth with golden-coloured hair and a very small penis and they have decided to name it after US President Donald Trump. This is because the sitting President contests the size of his hands and brags about the size of his penis so much that many people believe that the lady doth protest too much. Oh, and the wispy blond hair is a contributing factor to the naming decision, of course.

The new moth, just 1cm in width, was discovered by a biologist named Vazrick Nazari. The main distinction that Nazari found between this new moth and its closest moth relative, the Neopalpa neonata, is that its winky is “comparatively smaller.” Therefore, this new moth species has been called the Neopalpa donaldtrumpi.

Oh, snap!

The new moth species lives in Mexico

Oh, how perfect! The species of moth with the yellow-orange hair and the small penis that’s been named after Donald Trump lives in Mexico. This is the country that Trump hates the most. He wants to build a wall between its border and his. He’s sending a military force down to that border right now to counterstrike the “caravan” of immigrants who are reportedly on their way to America. And it’s the same place where the Neopalpa donaldtrumpi lives.