The earth is enclosed by a celestial sphere that produces varied types of sounds when the magnetosphere interacts with the energetic particles from the sun and the universe (cosmic wind). An array of galactic sounds is recorded every day by the great variety of satellites in orbit around the earth. These sounds are produced by particles that are deviated by the earth`s protective shell, creating varied sounds that are termed galactic sounds (magnetosonic). This galactic phenomena turns the earth`s surrounding shell into a magnetic music instrument.

Physics of music

In everyday musical instruments, the sound they produce is a function of its acoustics; generation, propagation and reception of sound waves and vibrations. There are all kinds of instruments-wind, string, percussion that convert some kind of energy into sound energy. The size and shape of the instrument normally determines the pitch and timbre of a note. The principal medium of sound generation is wave propagation. The range of sound that a human can detect is between 20Hz and 20,000 Hz of music sound.

Magnetosphere sound generator

In the planet`s protective shell, there are many daily interactions between the particles coming from the sun and beyond. These particles produce oscillations in the magnetosphere which they are interacting, generating sound waves.

The nature of these sounds is not exactly similar to those produced by a musical instrument, but of other nature; the energetic particles are producing sound with added magnetism and changing ultrasonic speed.

Magnetosonic generator

The varied cosmic particles in the magnetosphere can set up resonances just like any instrument; however, the resonances created are huge in energy and extension.

While most instruments generate just one type of resonance, the magnetosphere produces resonances of all kinds, including string-like, drum-like or wind-like instruments. Besides, unlike musical instruments which need some tuning over time, the magnetosphere fluctuates in size due to a changing Solar Wind, varying the pitches of galactic sounds permanently.

While all of these galactic sounds cannot be heard in space, satellites can record them and then send them to earth to make them audible.