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Donald Trump signs a new travel ban that’s pretty much the same as the old one

The US President is at it again with his ill-advised attempts to protect America from Muslims - I mean terrorists - and the courts support this one
After a brief, one-day stint as a calm and level-headed leader, President Donald Trump is back to his old tricks as he signs a new executive order banning travellers (even those with valid travel...
6 March 2017 -
B. Sherlock

Michael Flynn’s business in Turkey isn’t a big deal

Trump is denying knowledge and Mike Pence is scorning Flynn for betraying America, but it’s really not a big deal
President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are telling press that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s dealings overseas with a Turkish businessmen who may have used...
10 March 2017 -
B. Sherlock

There’s a good chance the courts will block Trump’s travel ban again

It’s happened before and it can happen again since the President is powerless against sound logic and tolerance
When President Donald Trump’s first travel ban to keep Muslims from seven countries out of the United States got blocked by the federal courts, and his appeal to get the ban reinstated was rejected...
7 March 2017 -
B. Sherlock
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