Donald Trump is not the next Hitler as a lot of people have said. Sure, both he and Hitler are prejudiced and discriminate against people, and their way of running things leads to the deaths of a huge chunk of a sect of people, but their methods and outcomes were very different. Hitler at least somewhat achieved what he set out to do. But with Trump being the human epitome of everything terrorists hate about America, he’s actually opening the doors to the very thing he’s trying to keep out.

Hitler rounded up as many of a particular group of people as he could (6 million in his case) and exterminated them.

Trump is instead banning (or trying to ban) a particular group of people from his country, which will in turn result in that group taking an extreme approach in their retaliation, the group of people who will end up mostly dead are the American people.

Instead, Trump is more akin to Gorbachev

The great US President Ronald Reagan inspired his country by saying, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” His less-than-great (so far) successor Donald Trump terrified half of his by saying, “I will build a great, great wall” (a sign of how far back America has been set by his election; it’s practically Soviet now). He’s closer to Gorbachev. For starters, he’s clearly good friends with the dark side of Russia, so they have that in common.

And not only is he planning to build a wall, he’s gone and banned travellers with valid travel documents from entering or reentering the country, in just his second week in office. The way that this very rapid order broke up families unexpectedly and left some people stranded and without a home is very reminiscent of the Berlin Wall.

However, all those right-wingers could be correct and Trump could be the next George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy and make America great again. Just maybe.