The US court of appeals in San Francisco has turned down the justice department’s appeal to bring back President Donald Trump’s divisive travel ban of seven Muslim-majority countries. The judges on the appeals court have spent the night responding to the Trump administration’s appeal and this morning came to the verdict that the ban will not be reinstated.

The Justice Department can appeal the appeal

The justice department have until Monday afternoon to file a counter-response to the appeals court’s verdict. The court of appeals’ official ruling stated that the Trump administration’s “request for an immediate administrative stay” is “denied,” while mentioning a lot of pending: “pending full consideration of the emergency motion for a stay pending appeal.”

Yesterday, a federal judge in Seattle came to a verdict and lifted the ban, making a lot of protestors and foreign travellers very happy.

Of course Trump filed an appeal against the judge’s order immediately, because he couldn’t have his star immigration policy undone and back to Obama normal within a week.

Now that the appeals court has denied the immediate stay and the lift on the travel ban remains, the heated legal battle between Trump and everyone with the power to overthrow his executive orders will continue throughout this week and possibly longer.

Trump is in Palm Beach for the weekend

Trump seemed cool about the whole thing when he was talking to reporters at his private resort in Palm Beach, Florida, where he’s taking a quick vacation like George W. Bush did at the start of his Presidency. After the appeal went through, he told journalists, “We’ll win.

For the safety of the country, we’ll win.” He seems very sure of himself on this one, but then when does he not?

These calm remarks came after Trump had an angry outburst at James Robart, the judge who lifted the travel ban, which included several personal attacks. Robart and several other US political figures believe that the travel ban goes against the Constitutional rights of the visa-holding travellers, and is therefore illegitimate, despite what the President might order.

The judge’s block is only temporary

The justice department claimed in the appeal they filed that Robart’s order to temporarily block Trump's Muslim travel ban would threaten the American public with immediate harm. The filing also claimed that federal judges should not be able to overthrow an executive order from the President.

It also claims that the judge’s verdict “second-guesses the President’s national security judgement” regarding “the quantum of risk posed by the admission of certain classes...and the best means of minimising that risk.”

During Vice President Mike Pence’s interview with ABC, due to air later today, he claimed that he did not believe that Trump’s outspoken views against Robart and his verdict weakened the division of American powers. Pence said he believes that “the American people are very accustomed” to Trump “speaking his mind and speaking very straight with them.”