President Donald Trump has attacked the judge who blocked his ban to not let in refugees and travellers from countries that are made up of mostly Muslims, and then his administration appealed the order, made by Seattle judge James Robart.

Some say the ban is unconstitutional

Robart and some other US politicians are saying that the travel ban violates the Constitution, whereas the Trump administration say that Robart’s ruling violates the separation of American powers and the President’s power as numero uno. Actress Angelina Jolie says that the extreme prejudice of the ban, labelled by most as a “Muslim ban,” will actually invite in the terrorism it is designed to keep out.

Trump personally attacked Robart in a Twitter rant, insulting him as a “so-called judge,” and saying that he is taking “law-enforcement away from our country,” which he called “ridiculous” and vowed that the judge’s ruling is going to be “overturned.”

Trump believes that “extreme vetting” to keep refugees and immigrants out of the country is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks, but that may not be entirely true. Recruiting militants will be very easy for ISIS now that Muslims are being banned from the country a lot of them once called home.