President Donald Trump has signed a brand new travel ban on Muslim-majority countries as an extreme vetting measure to prevent terrorist attacks. Liberals say it will invite more in, actually, because this is why terrorists are terrorists in the first place, because of people like Donald Trump, who the American people have gone and elected into power. Anyway, it’s his second after the first was blocked by the federal courts, and he’s had to make some big changes.

Iraq dropped from list

Trump has dropped Iraq from the list of countries banned, bringing the grand total down from seven to six.

Iraq has been working in close conjunction with the US military forces to bring down the Islamic State, which is why Trump is now going easy on them.

Start date

Last time, Trump put the ban into effect immediately, and it confused airlines and customs officials and left people stranded away from home until the courts lifted it. This time, he’s not putting it into effect for 10 days, which gives people time to figure out what’s going to happen and get their affairs in order.

Green card holders can stay

A big problem with the previous travel ban is that Trump was not allowing even travellers with valid visas and citizenship in the country. But now, current visas are allowed back in.

Syrian ban lifted

Another random act of kindness to brighten Trump’s day is the lifting of the indefinite ban on Syrian refugees. Syrians will now be allowed back into America after the standard 90-day traveller ban and 120-day refugee ban.