President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are telling press that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s dealings overseas with a Turkish businessmen who may have used information provided by Flynn’s intelligence firm to assist the Turkish Government is “an affirmation” that asking him to resign was the right decision, but it’s really not a big deal.

Trump should be a big fan of Turkey

It’s just Turkey. They’re not one of America’s many enemies. They actually, similar to Trump, are eager to take serious action against ISIS. They’re going down very different routes with it, with Turkey angrily lashing out at ISIS bases after nightclub attacks on their soil by joining forces with Russia the bomb the sh*t out of them and Trump adamantly banning Muslims from entering his country (he’s on his fourth try now) because he thinks that “Muslim” and “terrorist” are synonyms, when really it’s a term that applies to less than a percent of a percent of Islamic worshippers.

So, Trump could be using this whole “foreign agent” crisis as a springboard to forge a good relationship with Turkey. If he says, “So what if Flynn was helping out the Turkish government, it’s no biggie because I love Turkey and their stance against ISIS,” then he might be able to make friends over there and unite against the terrorist group he’s so eager to quash but which he’s going about so poorly.