President Donald Trump recently addressed Congress to discuss various topics, including poverty, jobs, crime, and education, and what exactly he was going to do about them to make good on his seemingly empty campaign promises. The speech lasted an impressive hour, so here are the key takeaways in a concise list, to save you an hour of your life.

Who is Donald Trump?

Trump seems to flit between the angry guy who yells “enemy of the American people!” at his entire press conference and the level-headed President with the working class backbone of his nation at heart when making important decisions about spending, and always looking to create as many jobs for his people as possible.

So, which is real and which is a ruse? The answer seems obvious.

Trump vs bigotry

Trump, who has himself been called a bigot many times (many times by this reporter alone, in fact), but he denounced all bigots in front of Congress. He opened his speech with an attack on anti-Semitism, which he’s already spoken out against.

Trump’s approval rating is quite weak

Politico did a survey of Trump voters to see how many of them believed he was keeping the promises he made on the campaign trail. 56% thought he was, while the other 44% feel deceived. It’s not great, but at least it’s the (slim) majority.


While Trump seemed all for immigration families coming to America in a merit-based system, he received a passionate standing ovation from the Republicans when he announced construction of the wall, and not to mention the migrant ban and Muslim travel ban, which he still expects to go through.