A number of Jewish centres across America have been receiving bomb threats recently, and President Donald Trump has finally responded. He’s spoken out against anti-Semitism, which is a refreshing change after a month of banning Muslims and calling the press America’s enemies.

Trump was speaking at the National Museum of African American History

In an appearance on MSNBC, President Trump said, “Anti-Semitism is horrible, and it’s going to stop.” He said that the persecution and prejudice against Jewish people is “age-old” and that something exists in the world “that doesn’t fully allow it to heal.” It might be the conservative nut that’s running the country and making bigotry commonplace, but he’s the one speaking out against it, so that’s good.

Trump concluded that in order to eradicate anti-Semitism completely, we as a society need to “get unified and stay together.”

Given the history of anti-Semitism, coming to a head during World War II , it’s interesting to see Trump speak out against it, since his family is originally from Germany and had a much more German-sounding name, and then Hitler rose to power and everyone in America gained a passionate hatred for all things German, so they changed their name to Trump and young Donald was born.