If Muslim terrorists now attack a country whose president is trying to take away their constitutional rights, said president will not be taking any responsibility. President Donald Trump has said that James Robart, the federal judge who blocked his unconstitutional travel ban of seven Muslim-majority nations, is to “blame” for any potential attack that takes place following the ban’s suspension.

Trump has posted angry tweets as usual

Trump tweeted that he “cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril,” sticking to his guns on the workability of his divisive immigration policies.

The President was spending the weekend at his private resort in Palm Beach (Florida’s answer to Palm Springs) when it all went down. The travel ban has been suspended, the White House have appealed, and the court of appeals have rejected them, so the ban is off for now and everything’s back to normal, and that made Trump furious.

Trump very succinctly expressed his rage using very simple words and phrases. He said, “If something happens [i.e. a terrorist attack] blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!” That last part, “Bad!” is like he’s telling his cat off for piddling on the rug, rather than telling his country off for not discriminating against people because of their Religion.

For years now, the US has been one of the most difficult countries for travel in terms of vetting for visas, making it almost impossible for refugees to get in (and now it’s literally impossible), and that’s before Trump came in with his “extreme vetting” plan that democracy is fortunately in the process of overthrowing. The ban and subsequent blocking of it have confused a lot of airlines, who have still not managed to get things back to normal despite the immediate order to stop the ban.

Trump’s ongoing attack on the court system

These tweets are the latest in Trump’s ongoing war against the court system (moving on from the lying media now) as now that he’s in office, he’s growing very annoyed that he doesn’t quite have absolute power and it’s very easy for the legal system to overthrow him. Mike Pence, Trump’s Vice President, has voiced his opinion that Trump has “every right” to lash out at the court system, saying that he is not “questioning the legitimacy of the judge” (which is debatable).

Trump added to his long line of tweets that he has demanded that Homeland Security “check people coming into our country VERY CAREFULLY,” saying that the courts and federal judges are making that “very difficult” for him to do. A lot of the Trump administration have been joining Pence in jumping to the President’s defence, while Bernie Sanders, the Democratic candidate who Hillary Clinton illegitimately beat to the nomination, has spoken out that he believes Trump is leading the US “in a very authoritarian direction.”

Trump believes that allowing Muslims into the United States will automatically cause terrorist attacks, but if they’re being allowed in and allowed to call the country home despite being a little different from its straight white (slightly orange) President, they’ll be quite happy. Banning them is what would p*ss them off and lead to terrorist attacks, according to actress Angelina Jolie, comedian Jim Jefferies, and many more. But Trump doesn’t see it that way.