Bernie Sanders, who lost the Democratic Presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton (by illegitimate means, some evidence suggests), is now an independent senator in the state of Vermont, and he’s been speaking out against Republican President Donald Trump. After Trump’s comments about the court system, Sanders said that Congress and the courts should be constantly keeping tabs on one another and each of them on the President, too.

Sanders has no faith in Trump

During an interview on CNN, Sanders said, “We are a democracy, not a one-man show.” He said that America isn’t just “another Trump enterprise,” suggesting that Trump is running the country the way he would run one of his companies, since he has no real political experience.

Sanders says he is filled with “fear” that Trump is leading America “in a very authoritarian direction,” and worries that the President “has contempt for the entire judiciary,” following his comments about James Robart, the federal judge who has blocked his Muslim travel ban, and the entire court system as a whole, blaming them for future terrorist attacks.

Sanders calls the election of Donald Trump “a dangerous and unprecedented moment in American history,” as he believes it will go down in the history books.