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‘The Big Bang Theory’- Season 10 Episode 12 pushed to January 2017?

Fans of the most loved American TV show will have to wait longer for the next episode of the current season.
“The Big Bang Theory” seem to be having a difficult time these days. With rumors of the Season 11 being cancelled and the cast being changed, there is a lot of ambiguity connected to this one CBS...
25 December 2016 -
M. Balsara

'Sherlock' shocks fans with the very first episode of season 4

Holmes and Watson return to television with a bigger than expected bang
While the world was busy celebrating New Year’s Eve and still basking in its glory, “Sherlock” fans were waiting desperately for the Season 4 premiere. Sherlock Holmes and Watson who have always...
2 January 2017 -
M. Balsara

Shraddha Kapoor finally defuses her hidden feelings: Speaks Out on her Affair

Will Shraddha have the courage to speak out what she feels notwithstanding her family
Tinsel town has been high on gossip last week about the Shradha Kapoor- Farhan Akhtar romantic escapade and Shakti Kapoor’s villainous front in his daughter’s love life by his so called dragging...
3 January 2017 -
A. Agarwal
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