Priyanka, the Bollywood and Hollywood actress, married Nick Jonas, an American singer after a brief courtship of just about a year and a half. Usually, people would not have bothered if the marriage had been as per convention with the bride younger than the groom. But the age difference has led many sites to fish in waters for greater TRP ratings. One site The Cut has accused the Bollywood star of being a fraud and scam artist. This was reported by Yahoo news.

The comments have not gone down well with people who write and follow news on social platforms, and many have criticized the site for writing such a hateful comment.

Priyanka Chopra herself has reacted to this slander and termed it "sexist, racist and xenophobic." The groom Nick Jonas has not said anything, completely ignoring the hateful comments.

Priyanka and Nick just got married at the regal Umaid Palace Luxury resort hotel at Jodhpur, which at one time was the abode of the maharajah of Jodhpur. It is no secret that the groom is 10 years younger to Priyanka and is also a person with type I diabetes and uses an insulin pump.

Twitterati anger

The anger of the Twitterati erupted spontaneously and seeing the storm created by the article has forced the website to remove the article from its website, but the damage is done and has soured a nice and simple marriage.

The website has now reported that the article did not meet with its standards and is removed. The act of spewing venom for no apparent reason was opposed by many, and the website has beat a hasty retreat. Many have condemned the writer of the article for writing these hateful comments.


Priyanka was the number one Bollywood star and was able to break into Hollywood, with the film "Baywatch" which was a pretty inconsequential film for her.

However, she has not set the Thames on fire, and as she was getting on in years, it was well known she would get married. Nick Jonas is a singer but as he is just 26 he has years ahead to try and rise to the top. Nick was smitten with Priyanka and proposed to her and Priyanka accepted.

Many others have been making snide remarks at this wedding, but the fact is that Priyanka and Nick are very much in love and their marriage at the Jodhpur palace was a glittering affair.

The marriage was conducted twice, the first time it was a Christian wedding followed by a Hindu wedding.

Last word

The website probably wanted to add to its viewership by publishing this scandalous article. The article has been taken off their site as reported by the Scroll but the stink generated will remain for some time. In the meantime, the marriage is now a past event, and it will be best to let the couple live their life.