AMC Network’s hit show The Walking Dead is currently shooting the eight season of the zombie adventure and the latest news reports suggest that a stuntman from the crew has lost his life on the sets. The stuntman John Bernecker who lost his life has been a part of major motion pictures like Logan. John was aged 33 and the death has been ruled out as an unfortunate accident in which he fell from 20 feet height straight into a concrete floor. The show is a horror show based on the concept of a world where zombies have taken over the planet, ironically a death on the sets have made this season creepier than any other season.

The death was a shocker since the scene that was being filmed was a routine scene and was not a high voltage stunt. Bernecker is said to be working as stuntman in Hollywood since 2009.

Not the first on sets death in Georgia

“The Walking Dead” ironically has a lot of gory scenes and deaths happening across all of its seasons and this unfortunate and creepy accident has only added to the err factor of its season eight. As soon as John fell, the crew is said to have rushed him to the nearest hospital which is Atlanta Medical Center where he was declared dead post being admitted to an Intensive Care Unit. He was put on a ventilator and his brain showed swelling, doctors tried to revive him but failed to save his life.

This was apparently not the first death on sets in Georgia, in 2014 a 27-year-old girl was hit by a car near Savannah. Bernecker's girlfriend Jennifer Cocker also works on the show "The Walking Dead" as a stunt women.

Season 8 production on a standstill

“The Walking Dead” season 8 production has been halted due to this accident.

The eight season according to the news reports is going to be as exciting as the earlier ones. Lauren Cohan who plays the role of Maggie Greene and Tom Payne who plays the role of Paul on the show were a few amongst many who tweeted and displayed their sadness and shock on the sudden death of the veteran stuntman. It was only a few weeks back that the show's voice artist Randy Schell lost his life in a tragic parachute jump gone wrong.

We must say that due to fortunate or unfortunate reasons "The Walking Dead" season 8 production seems to be making a lot of headlines, be it the voice artist's death or this stuntman's accident or the email controversy.

No one yet knows who will die next in Season 8 but all we can hope right now is that the production of the show continues and there are no more casualties during the filming.