Everyone loves watching what’s happening behind the closed doors, especially when the personalities behind the doors are well known celebrities. "Celebrity Big Brother" which began just a week ago already has had an exit with the musician Ray J leaving the television reality show. The 35 year old celebrity singer apparently left the reality show post a painful three day tooth ache. Some online reports have also gone ahead and claimed that the singer was not given medical assistance for three days and thus he had to exit in endless pain. Interestingly Ray J was also nominated this week and he was in so much pain that the other housemates were rumored to have declined to shoot till he was given medical assistance.

Looks like the current "Celebrity Big Brother" house is jinxed in a weird way.

Ray J posts a video on Facetime post his exit from the Big Brother house

Ray J also posted a Facetime video in which he said that he actually blacked out and was rushed outside the house and that he would like to return and might also sue the makers if he is not allowed back into The "Celebrity Big Brother" House. Apart from his music, Ray J had shot to fame with his rumored sex tape with Kim Kardashian. Ray J also tweeted that he is actually waiting to get back into the house, it will really be interesting to see if the makers allow him back into the house or not and even if they do it will be more interesting to watch the other housemates react.

Ray J is all good now, Edward Grimes was the first one to exit

Ray J is said to have received a tooth crack filled along with a treatment for his abscessed tooth and gum issues. Also the fact that Ray J is not the first but the second celebrity to be rushed to the hospital in “The Celebrity Big Brother’s” first week is also startling.

Edward Grimes was earlier sent to the emergency room when he fell off from the stage during his entry performance for the show. For now all we can hope that the exits from the Big Brother house takes a pause for the house to settle down and entertain the audiences.