The Music industry is currently buzzing like never before and quite interestingly it is not related to music itself but the musical superstars. Break ups, link ups and relationship stories have always overshadowed other news and so has Rihanna's latest move on Instagram. Just after J-Lo and Drake posted their selfie on J-Lo’s official Instagram account, Rihanna unfollowed the singer and everyone went crazy. The picture had Drake and J-Lo wrapped in each other’s arms romantically and knowing that Drake was earlier dating Rihanna, her reaction was expected but it wasn’t expected so soon.

Rihhana and Drake's past comes into the limelight

As per online reports, Rihhana and Drake were in a relationship for a long time and had only very recently broken off, so Drake’s quick moving on phenomenon might have hurt Rihhana. August 2016 also saw Drake announce his love for Rihhana at MTV Music Awards thus the fans of both the super singers were expecting wedding bells to ring and instead they broke and Drake moved on with Jennifer Lopez.

No official confirmation of the new relationship as yet

Though there has been no official confirmation from Jennifer Lopez or Drake on the new relationship, their Instagram pictures are painting a completely different and an in love romantic couple picture which by the way fans are drooling over.

The singers have been reported to be saying that it’s all for work and that they love working together but the fans have now already started seeing them as a couple. Rumors suggest that Rihhana is quite upset with the whole scenario as she considers Jennifer Lopez as one of her best friends in the industry. Rihhana and J-Lo also worked together in a movie named “Home” in 2015.

While Rihanna's move is quite natural, it is also important to note that she might have just unfollowed her for some other reason. For now all we can do is hope that things get better between these singers because they all are really good performers and can create awesome magic together on stage.