While the world was busy celebrating New Year’s Eve and still basking in its glory, “Sherlock” fans were waiting desperately for the Season 4 premiere. Sherlock Holmes and Watson who have always pushed the limits through their intelligence and bromance returned to BBC with a bang. Benedict Cumberbatch fans are rejoicing in the New Year - and how!

Mary Watson's death puts Sherlock and Watson in a fix

As we all know Doyle never really gave a reason for Mary Watson’s death in his "Sherlock Holmes" novels. With regards to the TV series, Mary was introduced in Season 3 and was killed off earlier than the fans expected but since it is a TV show, an unexplained death would mean death of expectations and so Mary took a bullet saving Sherlock Holmes and that was the end of her journey on the most hit BBC TV show.

This as expected creation an awkward situation for Sherlock and Watson.

Sherlock gets therapy

The first episode of the Season 4 “Sherlock” is titled “The Six Thatchers” which showcases Watson as a single father who is still to come to terms with the demise of his wife. Watson is now torn between the sadness of his wife’s demise and the happiness that his best friend Sherlock is safe. Season 3 last episode was titled “The Last Vow” exactly because of this reason, Sherlock feels guilty for Mary’s death. The first episode’s shocker came in when Sherlock was seen in a therapist’s office, the strangest thing Benedict Cumberbatch has done on the show as Sherlock Holmes has to be this, this also beats the scene where he was seen wrapped in a white bed sheet.

Mycroft’s call at the end was also a surprise package has raised expectations for Moriarty’s return as well.

The upcoming episodes will air on Sundays, the second episode is said to be titled “The Lying Detective”. The first episode was kicking and full of moments that are peculiar to the show, we hope the next one proves to be a bigger shocker because with Mr.Holmes you never really know what you are getting into until he wants you to know it.