“The Big Bang Theory” fans know that the one person from the nerd group who is yet to be hitched is Raj. So while the other couples on the show are either on the marriage track or the parenthood track, it was kind of disheartening to see Raj trying to be happy with his dog or with Howard and Bernadette’s new born baby. But now things are about to change for Raj’s good as his ex - girlfriends are going to make a comeback on the show. This also hints us that the next few episodes might be focused on setting up Raj with someone and finding a perfect match for him.

Raj and Howard conduct a focus group discussion with Raj's ex - girlfriends

As per online reports, Raj will be seen executing a focus group discussion with all his past girlfriends in order to find out what exactly went wrong in all his relationships and why has he not being able have even one successful relationship till date. The upcoming episode of “The Big Bang Theory” will thus see all his past girlfriends namely Lucy, Emily played by Laura Spencer and Emily played by Katie Leclerc and Claire. The focus group discussion will be held by Raj along with Howard together which will make the process exciting and funny, if Raj understands what he is lacking from all the discussion will he change himself?

That's an interesting question and might result into an interesting twist on the show. The current track which showcases Amy Farah Fowler trying to be cordial with Sheldon's mother is already a hit while Howard and Bernadette's newly found parenthood is also giving the audience a sneak peek into the madness of parenthood while they have Stuart the crazy comic book store owner by their side all the time.

Raj and his ex - girlfriends might create a laughter riot

We will have to wait and watch if Raj finds some luck in getting back with any of his ex - girlfriends or the whole discussion gets him into some weird trouble and jeopardizes his peace.It will be really interesting if Raj hooks up with any of his ex - girlfriends since all of them were pretty much weird just like him. “The Big Bang Theory” airs on CBS at 8.00 pm ET.