Every TV show fan knows how much of a pain it is to find a good, connectable TV show once you have binged on one TV show for one season. 2016 had quite a few misses with regards to TV content like “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” which turned out to be a huge disappointment, “Feed the Beast” which brought everyone’s favorite David Schwimmer back on screens too failed to create a connect with the audiences.

Now that we have discussed some of the worst shows, let’s have a look at the top five best shows which made a debut in 2016.

1. 'Stranger Things'

We cannot have the “Best TV shows of 2016” list and not mention “Stranger Things.” It is one of the Netflix’s least advertised shows and yet it is one of the most loved proving the fact that content always wins hands down. With regards to its storytelling and the way the entire season unfolded, none of the recent TV shows lives up to it. It is definitely a must watch from 2016.

2. 'The Crown'

The second show on the must watch from 2016 list too belongs to Netflix. “The Crown” which is based on the award-winning play by Peter Morgan named “The Audience” showcases the life of Queen Elizabeth II right from 1940 to the current era. The most talked about aspect of the show was its budget which is a whooping $100 million dollars and it looks all worth it when one sees the amount of detailing that has been maintained in every scene.

3. 'The People Vs. O.J.Simpson : American Crime Story'

Watching the most infamous case of the 1990’s as a courtroom drama with the tension building up in every episode in FX’s “The People Vs. O.J.Simpson : American Crime Story” was nothing less that delightful. Loaded with powerful performances by Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr.

only make this mind-blowing courtroom drama a must watch from 2016.

4. 'Westworld'

“Westworld” HBO’s sci-fi world which is slowly and steadily matching up to the ratings of even its most popular show “Game of Thrones” definitely deserves a place in 2016’s must watch list. The show has huge potential to become the next big gold miner for the channel and it sure looks promising even from the content point of view.

5. 'The Night Of'

This limited series from HBO won all hearts right from its pilot episode and went on to become one of those shows that always keeps you at the edge of the seat. Riz Ahmed’s excellent performance is the highlight of the show while the courtroom drama sprinkled with prison drama makes it a perfect recipe for realistic entertainment.