Stardom is a double-edged sword, more for a common man who suddenly becomes a celebrity by being himself. India’s popular reality show Bigg Boss’s season 10 winner Manveer Gurjar won all hearts through his truthful behaviour inside the Bigg Boss house and now when he has finally won the show and is out in the real life, his fans have something to be sad about rather than happy. Manveer rose to fame instantly because of his real and down to earth nature which was highlighted at its best in the Bigg Boss house. While other non-celebrity contestants have returned to their usual lives, Manveer Gurjar's stardom journey seems to have just begun.

From being mobbed to crazy celebrations with fireworks across the state to which he belongs to crazy fan letters and the list of his crazy fandom is endless. Manu Punjabi who was his best friend inside the Bigg Boss 10 house seem to have silently returned to his routine life but since Manveer was declared the winner he has become a darling of the media and his fans and how.

Manveer mobbed outside his Noida house, gets hurt

Manveer as expected was mobbed by his fans waiting outside his Noida home to catch a glimpse of the winner & just speak to him for a minute. What was not expected is an FIR against him, yes you read it right; Noida Police has filed an FIR against Manveer for disrupting the traffic unnecessarily and not taking any action to curb the mob.

Manveer visited his house in Noida post being declared winner of Bigg Boss 10 but he couldn’t enter his house as his fans blocked him outside and while trying to save himself Manveer even hurt himself. An exclusive ceremony was also planned for his welcome which went haywire due to mismanagement as more people turned up than expected, parking space for only around 50 cars was available and this resulted into a huge traffic jam.

FIR under IPC section 314 against Manveer Gurjar

Noida Police has launched an FIR under Indian Penal Code Section 314 against Manveer. We will have to wait and watch how Manveer tackles this unusual situation and also as to how he now handles the stardom he deserves but had never experienced before. Manveer Gurjur might no more be a common man, but law treats everyone the same for sure.